Dispatch & Delivery

How long does an order usually take to be received?


It all depends on what the products on the order are

Economy Order : Orders take 5-10 business days, after your payment has been processed and approved.

Normal Order : Orders take 4-5 business days, after your payment has been processed and approved.

Express Order : Orders take 2-3 business days, after your payment has been processed and approved.


What are my delivery charges?

Delivery fees – €10 (You will be charged +€10 during checkout,  if you either pickup your Products from our local Store or if want the Products sent to you by Akis Express). (For Economy & Normal Order method)


Please contact us for a price Quote on Express Order shipping.


How our stock Availability work

I see products marked as Available on your site, does that mean you have them Available in your Store to come pickup?

Most products  Available in stock on our website mean they are Available from our suppliers and are in stock straight away for us to order it for you, we work with Orders once a Customer has placed an Order and has confirmed it.

Please contact us before placing an order for confirmation.


Warranties, Returns, and Refunds

Can items be returned?

No, once a item is purchased it cannot be returned unless it is faulty or damaged during delivery/factory fault.


What is my products warranty?

All hardware have a stated warranty period listed. Any problems that occur should be reported to us for further assistance. Any self managements to the hardware done could lead to a damage and will not be covered by the Warranty.

Managing Your Account

Can i cancel an order?

You can only cancel an order if it has not been processed and completed yet, otherwise if it has other rules take place.

If you want to cancel it once its completed/processed or order has come to us from our supplier we may only refund you 70% of the total cost of the order.



Some products i am looking for are not on the website.

Contact us by any method we have available (Live chat,phone,email) and we can find products which are not listed on our website.


What happens after i order?

After ordering you will receive an order confirmation by E-mail.


What happens if no order confirmation has been received?

Please send us an E-mail at (info@pc-cy.com) or contact us by Live Chat.


Payment Methods

What payment methods are accepted?

For the time, Paypal & Cash on Delivery.


* PayPal = If you order is over €100 and is paid by PayPal, the buyer will be requested to pay the fees of PayPal separately.


* If paying with the  method “Cash on Delivery”,  a deposit of 30% must be paid before we can order the Products for you.

Reason for a DEPOSIT is to avoid any cancellations of orders from Customers after we have ordered the Products from our Suppliers.